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Grand Startegy Game (And Space Opera Simulator) Stellaris Coming To Consoles

The galaxy is within your control(ler)


Stellaris is a grand strategy game from the developers that birthed this subgenre, Paradox Development Studio. Instead of simulating mediaval times or the birth of nations during the height of colonialism, Stellaris embraces the sci-fi (and 4X strategy games) where you create your own empire and venture into space.

It’s a deep and complex game that has the potential of generating many of your own storylines. You can dictate what government you want, what edicts to follow, what traits your species have, decide the majority who should join your empire, what ships you want, who you want to befriend, how do you expand your borders, what to research, how do you make money, what lands to develop on your planets and more.

A game this complex and niche has always been a PC-exclusive, so to see Stellaris getting a release on PS4 and Xbox One is a fascinating announcement. Since the game relies on popup menus for its many interactions, it will be interesting to see how the UI is redesigned for use with the controller.

The port is being handled by Tantalus, the developer that brought Cities Skylines to consoles recently.

Stellaris Console Edition will be playable at gamescom. No official release date has been announced yet.