Granblue Fantasy Versus Coming To PC On March 13th

Granblue Fantasy Versus is out now on PS4 in Asia, while the rest of the world has to wait a bit more. But here’s something unexpected: It’s also coming to PC via Steam.

The unexpectedness comes from having little to no messaging of a PC port throughout its pre-release period. But it’s coming, sooner than expected too.

This was first announced on the official Japanese account for the game, stating the date of release:

XSEED Games, the publishers for Granblue Fantasy Versus in the west, confirms this will be also the case for the west. It will launch on March 13th, with customisable graphics options, support for gamepads and mouse and keyboard, and includes both Japanese and English voice-overs.

And for Europeans, it also has text languages in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as Japanese. Europe gets the PS4 release later on March 27th, so if you want to play with your preferred language the earliest, go grab that Steam version. Support for Simplified Chinese and Korean will be coming at a later date.

However, the PC version will not have any special bonus for the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game. The PS4 version includes extra goodies for finishing the game’s RPG mode that you can transfer to the hit RPG/gacha game. But expect all DLCs to be available on launch.


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