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Gran Turismo Sport To Support 4K, HDR And PSVR


Gran Turismo Sport should have been close to release by now, but alas a delay eventually happened, pushing the mainline racing franchise on the Playstation to a 2017 window (though rumours saying it could be as early as January). In a recent PS4 Pro showcase event to the media over at London, GT Sport was shown both to run on the PS4 Pro hardware as well as support PSVR functionalities.

As expected, GT Sport can be played in 4K (not native, probably using the checkerboard technique to upscale it to 4K) abut will remain at a steady 60fps. HDR is also in effect. For PSVR however, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi clarifies that the entire game will not be fully playable with the headset, as it will be limited to what is called “VR Tour Mode”. Fret not, as the game is being shown to use the headset as your first person viewpoint in a cockpit of the car you’re driving, so you can still drive in VR though to what capacity is the VR Tour Mode has yet to be known.

Yamauchi has this to say to Eurogamer on not having the game fully playable in VR:

“It will be one part of the game. One thing we discovered in developing and doing the VR, to do the whole game playable in VR is going to be a strain on the players. You can see in the demo downstairs, there’ll be a VR Tour mode that’ll be included in the game. That showcases the VR effects.”

No new confirmed release date has been revealed so far. Expect to see more of GT Sport at Playstation Experience this December. If the rumours of an early 2017 release is true, surely we will get some concrete detail of its release by this year.