Gran Turismo Sport Delayed Until 2017

Gran Tursimo delayed? This should not be a shocking news to die-hard GT fans who have used to this. Though it is rather unfortunate as all the build-up for the November release- the big event in London, the cancellation of a beta test- just so it could hit the date. But alas, developers Polyphony Digital will need more time in the oven to get the game in a better state.

Game director Kazunori Yamauchi address the announcement head-on in blog post on the Playstaion Blog US, stating how ambitious the scale of GT Sport is. While the numbers of cars and tracks may not be as bloaty as previous GT games, but having building new tech to keep it look as gorgeous as it is now and the addition of proper competitive multiplayer to enable e-sports with the FIA name stamped on it, Gran Turismo Sport just have to be perfect. And with that, they decided to delay it, with no date of confirmation to when it will hit the stores.

Again, Gran Turismo has always faced such problems. While they managed to deliver with GT4- the last title for the PS2, the team suffered a lot of setback developing on the PS3’s odd architecture, resulting GT5 and GT6 as only good sim racers, not as the best of its kind like most people would hope for. Over the years, many other games have made better, more in-depth racing simulations, including the Xbox-exclusive Forza series.

Hopefully the delay is for the better. If Gran Turismo Sport can deliver competitive multiplayer racing as it is promised to be, this can potentially paved way for something big in the racing genre. As it stands, we will have to wait for Gran Turismo Sport releasing on the PS4 sometime next year.

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