Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Announced For US Players

It’s coming together soon enough. Just after a few days of some news about Gran Tursimo Sport finally revealed for the year- the inclusion of the Fittipladi EF7 Vision GT Car and a partnership with Tag Heuer- now we got a more meaty announcement: a closed beta test.

When GT Sport first announced back in 2015, it was planned to have a beta test. But as we have seen in its first big reveal at its own event in London, the beta was eventually scrapped as Polyphony was gearing towards the November 2016 release. Obviously that did not happen, and early rumours of an early 2017 release is untrue.

But the beta announcement signals that the game is coming together now.

As the name implies, it’s invite only, but the explanation on Playstation Blog indicates that it’s only selectively invited and for US accounts only at the moment.

Starting March 17, players in the closed beta will get access to a rotation of cars and racks to race. This will also be the first we get to see if the Sportsmanship Rating (tracking player behaviour on-track, like not crashing and bumping with each other) and Driver Rating (overall speed and performance) will be used and how balanced the online competitive driving will be.

If you a US PSN account, you can sign up for beta access here.

Invites will roll out slowly and a possibility of  “a larger Beta access for the community” is hinted.

The “Sport” in GT Sport is all about online racing, and let’s hope Polyphony nails this down perfectly. Good to see them still taking their time (as usual) to get the game in shape before releasing it sometime this year.


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