Gord Is A New Survival City-Builder Based On Slavic Folklore

City-builders are evolving into survival games, with more and more entry of this new genre hybrid coming out.

This new game called Gord will seem familiar despite it being developed by a new team called Covenant. This team was founded by former CD Projekt Red and 11-bit Studios producer Stan Just. And you may know 11-bit Studios from its depressingly beautiful city-builder Frostpunk.

In Gord, you will be leading the people in the Tribe Of The Dawn where they will venture deep into forbidden lands and survive this dark fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore.

Not only poor city planning that can kill off your settlers. The city may be attacked by monsters and other mysterious powers from the woods. Settlers can also be psychologically impacted by events- like a death of a kin. To fight back the gruesome monsters, you can cast offensive and defensive spells too.

There will be random encounters and side-quests you can complete, like go hunt down legendary creatures, or uncover secrets.

Gord is coming soon to PC (Steam).

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