God Eater 3 [30+ Hours Grind Review]

Honest game review that was done after a massive 30-hour straight grind

9 years ago, the first existence of God Eater (GE) was released and it’s the most beta PSP game ever, it was second to best in its the era in 480p resolutions. Some might say “this is a monster hunter copy” and they’re not wrong. The gameplay, mechanics, and effects are quite similar but a year after, GE Burst was released and everything about the game is fully enhanced.

The game become popular as more weapons become more accessible and the updates for bullet creation allowing players to create a magical effective bullet. (We create rasengan bullet back then).

Then, GE2 come into existent with the most flashy gameplay but with the most shitty story ever made. So here we are with the first release of GE3.


It’s a game that created for PS4 however, Bandai Namco with GE project team manage to port the game on PC exquisitely well. The world is very beautiful with more details and flashy moves from anything that is able to move. Adding up, they actually put a lot of efforts into the map as each map have a rotation of Day, Night, and Rain mode.

However, one thing that I really miss for GE2 is the hit marker effects indicator (showing the effective area to get critical hit for the monsters) that is removed from GE3. the monsters are definitely looking badass and cool compared to a certain game where it’s basically killing off unexistent dinosaurs as it has no supernatural powers to overwhelm its prey, it throws off the new vibe and excitement when your brain telling “Hit that boi hard until it’s broken”.

A very captivating view of the post-apocalypse world.


Definitely, the game contains fewer choices compared to the previous titles, but 10/10 on the character’s voice. One of the thing that always overlook, the characters’ voice have several stages and effects to be triggered and definitely make up for the cons for the character creation menu.

But, my convictions are too strong and the available outfits are the most disappointing part of the game. Not much variety, decent designs and I do hope they gonna have more outfits in the upcoming DLC.


At first, it felt very sloppy when I play the first 5 missions as I believed that they had adjusted the attack speed on every weapon and the shield deployment speed (it felt very slow, to be honest).

Once you get used to it, it’s fine. Movements, you can create a huge variety of combos for your weapon depending on the type of equipment you’re using and it has various abilities that can be chained with the extremely flashy move. Remember the OG move which is swapping to gun form? Yeah, still the same over the course of 9 years.

The types of equipment, they are very hard to craft and upgrade each one of them to rank 7 and +30. If I were to say, almost 80% of the time you had to go out for the mission and get the item that had a 10% chance of getting it. (Lord praise the RNG rate).

There are a lot of other interesting abilities that will make the player appreciate these little things to make the game feel more enjoyable and worth playing over the long run.


This is, in fact, one thing that I notice, AI joins your team after the queue time is over. It’s a great thought to the multiplayer mode due to the fact that not everyone willing to farm this boss. Basically saying that you won’t play this alone if the Ai be with you as camouflaged real player. Hats off.

It’s possible to one-shot those raid boss Aragami too. 


The main story revolved around a certain loli that exist from god knows what science technology they used to create an Aragami in humanoid form. (I personally want engineered catgirls but we had that in GE2).

The main story genres are “family-hood” and “deeply cared for each other with strictly no homo” as each character has their own unique identity that theoretically that each character should have their own story arc that gonna deeply impact the main story content such in previous titles. But it’s too good to be true as the character’s story builds up to the 3rd floor and the story quite disappointing.

If I were to put in comparison on the quality of the story throughout the series, definitely GE > GE3 > GE2. GE2 story is absolute garbage and should be put as a benchmark to any author that wants to write a satisfying storyline.

Things like this happen a lot.

My Personal Enjoyment

I have waited for this game ever since my disappointment in GE2 which leaves a huge void in my heart. After waiting for so long since 2014 and getting a sequel that can be finished with less than 25 hours is quite disappointing. Looking on the bright side, the gameplay, the optimization of the game on PC and aesthetic of the polished 3D model manage to cover some of it.

Personally, I love this game and every single aspect of this and the character voices are one of the things I fall in love with. Thus, I do hope the DLC will be even far better but my expectation wouldn’t exceed that high.

Disclaimer: Your personal enjoyment may vary depending on your game preference.

Review based on PS4 version played on a base PS4. Review Copy purchased by the reviewer


God Eater 3

If you're a fan of grinding RPG games with anime-ish characters that add spicy bombastic skill effects into the dish, you will definitely love the game as the grind almost never ends.
If you're considering to buy this game, sure it's good but I would advise to wait for DLC release so you won't have to pay for this game twice.

  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7.5
  • Content 4.6
  • My Personal Enjoyment 7.7

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