GM GOTY Awards 2023 – Best Meme Generator

The best games that dominated our conversations, social media, and shitposts throughout the year.

This award is less about the game, and more about the community surrounding it. This is to celebrate the year’s of shiposts, memes and silly talk surrounding the games community that has either got us engaged, lmao’d and following where the inside jokes go.

These years, we have now resorted to seeing whether people post memes, jokes and shitposts as an impulse check if the fans, and players, are still playing and enjoying the game.

And the meme game has also evolved. In particular this year, we’ve seen voice actors gotten into the joke, and now doing non-canon voice lines as the characters they play in the game.

Still, there’s been proud of within these games’ various fandoms, who have keeping these games alive in the social media discourse, and ensuring these games remain in the public conscious throughout the year.

Past Winners: Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginResident Evil VillageLike A Dragon (née Yakuza) seriesUntitled Goose Game

Best Meme Generator Nominees

  • Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Resident Evil 4 (2023)
  • Street Fighter 6

How The Winner Is Decided (Deliberations Summary)

During the deliberation process, we acknowledge the few voice actors and even developers who caught into the fandom jokes and manifesting them into existence. In particular, how Baldur’s Gate 3 incorporated a quote often used in the community to describe one of its characters.

The efforts of Ben Starr (voice of Clive for Final Fantasy XVI) and Aleks Le (voice of Luke for Street Fighter 6) championing memes, to the point of roping their fellow peers into saying silly lines like having to watch Kamen Rider while in their respective character roles, must be lauded.

Armored Core VI is in contrast to all of this. The official social media do acknowledge some of the fan art and designs, but the way the fandom exploded in a way never seen before from previous games is staggering to see. Granted, most of this come from the newfound respect and love the developer of FromSoftware, but to see the fans of what was known as a niche series and the mainstream audience still waiting for the soulslike congregate into the giant robot fandom is fun to see. And they went wild with it. From drawing depiction of each pilot to running away with silly (and sometimes suggestive) headcannons which fans agree in unison. And since the game has what is essentially a livery editor, a wider community which never played racing games can now experience the wild things you can do when a game lets you slap stickers on a object.

The proliferation of mods in Capcom games have definitely feed into the memetic discourse, as posts about questionable outfits the hero of Resident Evil 4 (people do be thirsty on Leon wearing sexy shirts) to questionable non-outfits the characters in Street Fighter 6 is subjected to. Cherish the moment, as from the looks of it, the publisher has changed its tune when it comes to mods.

Best Meme Generator Winner

In a fascinating year of video game memes and shitposts, the one game that captivated us all equally, whether that to the panelist that play the game or to the ones looking at the game from social media, was this.

Congratulations to Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon for winning the Best Meme Generator!

Check out the GM GOTY Awards 2023 hub for the rest of the categories and winners. The page will be updated as we announce the winners everyday until December 28

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