GM GOTY Awards 2022 – Best Meme Generator

The best games that dominated our conversations, social media, and shitposts throughout the year.

This award is less about the game, and more about the community surrounding it. This is to celebrate the year’s of shiposts, memes and silly talk surrounding the games community that has either got us engaged, lmao’d and following where the inside jokes go.

Past Winners: Resident Evil Village, Like A Dragon (née Yakuza) series, Untitled Goose Game

Best Meme Generator Nominees

  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)
  • Elden Ring
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  • Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins
  • Stray

How The Winner Is Decided (Deliberations Summary)

Link to the full podcast episode featuring the deliberations will be added soon

This is a rather straightforward category: the game got its community talking in the wildest ways that we saw this whole year wins.

Elden Ring makes an appearance here, not only for how much people are talking about the game- and how it spawned the myth and legend that is Letmesoloher. But there’s also a running joke within the staff (especially on our podcast dia.log) where we somehow couldn’t/wouldn’t play the game until the end of this year (the joke has a payoff). The amazing spread of Call Of Duty’s Ghost as a reaction image, the Pokemon fans doing Pokemon fan things, and Stray doing… cat things have also amused us in their own ways throughout this year.

Best Meme Generator Winner

But this was a no contest, mostly due to us being surrounded by the Final Fantasy community, which results in an unmitigated spread of “chaos” at the start of the year.

As far as meme goes, the panel has agreed on Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins wins Best Meme Generator this year! The reaction of fans going cringe at the straight-edge writing to embracing the chaos really kills it for us.

Check out the GM GOTY Awards 2022 hub for the rest of the categories and winners. The page will be updated as we announce the winners every day until December 31.

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