Ghostrunner Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk Game New Gameplay Trailer and Key Art

Ghostrunner, an upcoming single player cyberpunk slash-and-dash game recently released new gameplay trailer and key art for Gamescom 2020. The trailer further showcases the world setting, movement and combat within the game.

In Ghostrunner, you play as a cyber-warrior in humanity’s last bastion city Dharma Tower where humans managed to progress in technology amidst a cataclysm. As a special warrior who can fight in both meatspace and cyberspace, you ascend the superstructure of Dharma Tower. Parkour around the city that is falling apart, Titanfall style and slice through enemy with your trusted partner katana.

Alongside the new trailer and key art, private beta is now open for registration. Go to this form, fill it up and join the Discord server for a chance to obtain beta access of the game.

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