Get Ready For A Ride, Trackmania Turbo Now Playable In VR

One big worry about the VR gaming headsets were motion sickness. But our initial impressions on PSVR and the HTC Vive (as well as many feedback from those that tested or owned these headsets) have concluded it’s not a big problem. But what if you play a game that is designed to induce such sickness?

Trackmania is all about crazy tracks that will make you jump, do loop-the-loops, rotate and more like a roller coaster on wheels. The latest Trackmania, Trackmania Turbo just got a huge update to support all three major VR headsets: The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on PC, and PSVR on the PS4. Now you can race on the various twisted tracks all in virtual reality! Hope you have a strong stomach.

Here’s a trailer for the new free update:

VR seems to be only playable on a select 40 tracks however, rather than full support for all the 200 tracks plus the user-created ones. Imagine tracks that are designed to make people dizzy and vomit, that would be a nightmare. It’s good to see the team at Nadeo making good on their word on getting VR support for Trackmania Turbo, which is a great entry-point for the series. We gave it a good review.


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