Get! Persona 5’s English Release Available On April 5 In Asia

It’s almost here! Persona 5 has been released in Japan last year to critical acclaim and the English localisation is almost done. As we predicted, Atlus’ parent company Sega is bringing the JRPG’s English release the same time as it release in the US and Europe- April 4. The one day difference is due to timezones.

Playstation Asia is opening pre-orders for Persona 5 already at this link here. The Chinese release will be available a bit earlier on March 23. Pre-orders from local retailers should be available sometime soon now that we know it’s officially coming here.

This should be good news, as the game was originally planned to launch on Februray 14, though it had to be delayed. As a bonus, the English release will have Japanese audio as DLC free of charge.

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