Gerritory Is An Indie Party Game Made In Taiwan, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Party games and couch-multiplayer games are getting a boon these days, aren’t they? If you are looking for more, and have a Switch, put this in your watch list.

Gerritory is a 4-player party game where the goal is to grab as large as a territory as you can. Each player is a dice cube, rolling over and painting the area of your colour. But players with lower scores can kill those with higher scores- putting them out of contest for a short while- a blue shell catch-up mechanic, if you will.

The fun comes through the many weird maps you can play on. There are various pre-built maps, some with hazards and no lights. There are options to just roll the dice and play on a procedurally-generated map. Or create your own with the map editor.

Gerritory is developed by Taiwan-based Party Goose Studio. It is coming to Nintendo Switch thanks to fellow Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter doing the publishing role.

“Digital Crafter [is] constantly supporting indie society locally in Taiwan, instead of just sharing experience about indie game dev stuff and how scary when some game got banned in a certain country, this time Digital Crafter have the chance to support other indie games by helping them hup on Nintendo Switch too!” says the press statement.

Digital Crafter is the developer of Fight Of Gods- the game that caused Malaysia to ban Steam for a day before the game was banned for sale in the country. They have since released Fight Of Animals, another fighting game that has just launched on Switch today.

No release date for Gerritory just yet, but it’s coming to the Switch soon.

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