Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Update Releasing Next Week, Here’s What It Adds

The next big update for Hoyoverse’ ongoing free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact will go live on January 31.

Version 4.4 will expand the map with a new area, new outfits for existing characters plus two new characters.

Genshin Impact 4.4 New Area – Chenyu Vale

The new area, Chenyu Vale, is part of the Liyue region. The misty hills and waterfalls call home to many villagers cultivating tea, in particular in the lands of Qiaoying Village. The Vale expands westward to the shore of Yilong Wharf, where the traders from Fontaine trade with the Liyue counterparts. So this map expansion connects Liyue with the recently added Fontaine region.

Parts of the Chenyu Vale will require you to transform into a “special carp to soar into the sky”.

Fascinatingly, Hoyoverse introduces some new rendering techniques for Chenyu Vale, to evoke that “shan shui” art style. Global Far Fog (GFF) will see mist and clouds to change density and direction as it moves alongside mountains whereas Gradient Tint Rock will tint mountains to specific colours (cyan, green, tan) based on “height, visibility distance, textural characteristics of the rocks, and the structure of each mountain.”

Genshin Impact 4.4 New Characters

New year, new update, and new characters to wish/pull. Version 4.4 adds two new characters. One is Xianyun, now in human form and another the young Wushou practicioner named Gaming. No, it’s not pronounced as you’d think (it’s more like “Gaa Ming”- but it’s funny that the names is localised to be spelled as such.

  • Xianyun
    • Five-star
    • Anemo
    • Catalyst wielder
  • Gaming
    • Four-star
    • Pyro
    • Claymore user

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Banners (Event Wishes)

  • Phase 1
    • Xianyu
    • Gaming
    • Nahida (rerun)
  • Phase 2
    • Xiao (rerun)
    • Yae Miko (rerun)

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 New Outfits

The following characters have new outfit options. Xinqiu’s Bamboo Rain outfit is obtainable by participating in the Lantern Rite event.

  • Ganyu – Twilight Blossom
  • Shenhe – Frostflower Dew
  • Xinqiu- Bamboo Rain

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 goes live on January 31. The game is free-to-play and available on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android featuring cross-save and cross-play across all platforms.

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