Genshin Impact Is Adding Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn

Genshin Impact is getting a cross-over character, and it’s the PlayStation heroine herself, Aloy, from Guerilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

Aloy will find herself in Tevyat in a future update and will be a 5-star archer with a Cryo element.

Players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 will be able to claim Aloy when she releases, no gacha necessary.

Aloy will be available for PlayStation players (PS4, PS5) when version 2.1 hits, which will also include a PlayStation-exclusive 4-star bow weapon.

Players on other platforms (PC, iOS, Android) will get access to Aloy too, but in the version 2.2 update, and without the bow. The same requirements (Adventure Rank 20 and above players) still apply.

But now that cross-play and cross-save across all platforms are available, players could theoretically go on PlayStation to claim Aloy, then bring her to PC or mobile before the version 2.2 update hits.

Genshin Impact just released its big version 2.0 update this week, which adds a whole new landmass in the form of Inazuma to explore.

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