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Gears Of War 4 Release Date Announced, No PC Version For Now


One of Microsoft’s stronger new IPs to come from the last console generation is about to get another sequel. Gears of War 4, now under new developers The Coalition, will be releasing on 11 October worldwide on the Xbox One. An open beta will commence for all Xbox Live Gold members this April 25 in the meantime, with players who have bought the Gears of War Ultimate edition recently, whether on Xbox One or on Windows 10, gets to play it earlier, starting on the 18th.

No announcement of an upcoming Windows 10 version coming whatsoever, so it is safe to say that Xbox One still has first party exclusives, or at least timed ones, at the moment. With the recent push for Xbox-exclusive titles to Windows 10 as an effort to court the PC market, most would assume all Xbox games will go through the same fate, with some fans even riling up as it invalidated their purchase of the console. Not so, it seems.

But the recently released Quantum Break got the PC version to release simultaneously and was announced close to release, so there’s that as well.

Gears of War is known to set the standards of the third-person cover shooter. Its famous co-op mode, titled Horde mode, is now a staple in many modern videogames.