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Gang Beasts Coming To PS4 With Online Play And.. VR Support


You read that right. Physics-based brawler game Gang Beasts is heading to PS4 and promising to add two new features: Online Play and.. PS VR support. Gang Beasts have been on PC for quite sometime as an Early Access title on Steam, and has been a quite popular game for Youtubers and Twitch streamers to play due to its fun physics and support for couch multiplayer. We featured this game in a list of fun couch multiplayer games to play when friends are at your home.

In a post at Playstation Blog, the developers Boneloaf are well on track to release the game fully sometime this year. They have been working on the single-player and co-op multiplayer modes, as well as adding new content and making more customisation options for the characters. Hopefully this means the PC version will come out of Early Access soon.

While the online play feature is a given fit for the game, it will be interesting to see to what extent ‘VR support’ means. A first-person view of the brawling? A third-person view of the action? Who knows? At the moment we have no idea. But if you’re considering to pick up a PS VR headset in October when it launches, then you can now add Gang Beasts into the list of games you can use the headset with.