GameStart 2015 Singapore – Day 2 (14 Nov)

An awaited day, November 14, also the second day of GameStart 2015 in Singapore. Why was it awaited? Because it was the day where it’s open to the public, compared to yesteday’s event, which the attendance was limited for the Media and Vips.

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Various of events on stage were also available. The table below displays full information for the the second day at GameStart 2015.


The organizers were prepared for the big wave of gamers from entire Asia in this event. Thus, they provided a place to line up from 11 pm the day before.

20151114_100839_HDR (Custom)

Rainbow Six Siege Battle

At the beginning of the event, a Rainbow Six Siege match between two teams, NUT (No Use Talking) and HBS (HontoniBuaySai), began at 11 am. The battle was quite interesting because it showed the real potential of the upcoming game from Ubisoft.

Gundam Extreme Vs. Force (PS Vita) Initiation

After that, at 1 pm, the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. took the stage for the introduction of the game Gundam Extreme Vs. Force and for the first time it will be translated to English for the PlayStation Vita platform.

DSC09587 (Custom)

Hiroshi Kosuge, the Producer of the game, delivered some additional contents and new stuff for this new game. Extras such as new characters with combat techniques would be executed in this game.

A gameplay video was also displayed for the visitors by showing few new functions as linked below:

Gameplay Video for Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4)

As we all know, Gravity Rush is a unique anime-style game for PS Vita players. This year in E3, Sonny has announced that the game will come to Playstation 4 platform as Gravity Rush Remastered.

DSC09631 (Custom)

At 2 pm, Keiichiro Toyama from Sony, delivered a live gameplay experience on stage publicly for the first time. We also took the chance to play this game at the Playstation booth during the event. It has great graphic quality with 60 fps performance.

DSC09655 (Custom)

It was definitely a great experience playing this game on a bigger screen than before.

Remastered Gravity Rush will begin its market on 10th December at the price of SGD 57.90.

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Just Cause 3 – Demo Gameplay

It’s time for Avalanche Studios to deliver their upcoming game, Just Cause 3. The presentation by Michel Sinterniklaas was positively interactive toward the audiences/visitors.


DSC09668 (Custom)

As we know that the Just Cause game series is a game full of explosions and destruction. So, Michel’s presentation was quite different compared other’s presentations which were quite conventional.

DSC09684 (Custom)

He showed a gameplay video of the game and when he reached to the mission area, there was 3 options given for the audiences to choose how should they complete the mission.

Missions such as destroying monuments, bridges and military bases are also related to the full version of this game.

DSC09686 (Custom)

Just Cause 3 will be available on the market on 1st December. The Collector’s Edition will also be sold with some extra contents such as Grappling Hook which can be used in the game.

Great Gameplay Battles in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

One of the most interesting activity was the announcement of the upcoming game by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Presented by Shunsuke Fujita who is very casual with his cosplay appearance. Fujita delivered some infos and contents that are included in this new game.

Interestingly, he challenged the visitors to fight with him in Ninja Storm 4. With the battle between Fujita and visitors, it deliberately showed the actual gameplay of  Ninja Storm 4.

Video and Interesting Information about Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Activities by Blizzard (Starcarft & Hearthstone)

Blizzard also took the opportunity to be on stage at GameStart 2015. Compared with Avalanche Studios, Sony and NAMCO BANDAI that convey information about their latest game, Blizzard are more to tournaments, namely South East Asia StarCraft II Beta Legacy of the Void Anniversary Tournament Grand Finals and Hearthstone’s tournament.

Rock Band 4

A new game that has been recently sold on the market since last month was presented by Mad Catz. It was more to Liveplay for the fans to play this game with real equipments such as guitars and drums.

GameStart2015 Atmosphere

DSC01110 (Custom)


Many other activities were carried out over the main stage. Activities and events which were Capcom Pro Tour Asia, Xtr3m3’s FIFA 16 Champion’s Cup, Cosplay, and some interesting booth demos with retro games that can be played directly.

Were you enjoying your moments during GameStart 2015? We bet you did!


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