Gamescom Expands To Latin America With Gamescom Latam 2024

Gamescom, the world’s biggest gaming event, is expanding to have a an event in Latin America next year.

Gamescom Latam (stylised as “gamescom latam”, without the capital letters) will be held from June 26-30, 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil.

This event will be held ahead of the Gamescom 2024, which will be held from August 20-25, 2024, and Gamescom Asia 2024 on October 17-20, 2024.

Similar to how Gamescom Asia came to be, Gamescom Latam will be merging with the premier gaming event of the region, BIG Festival. However, unlike GameStart Asia and Gamescom Asia, the BIG Festival branding will live on within Gamescom Asia. It will serve as the area that highlights up-and-coming indie games across the world.

The event will be a partnership between event organisers Koelnmesse, game (German Games Industry Association), BIG Festival and Omelete Company.

Here’s a quote from Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of BIG Festival and now of Gamescom Latam:

“The creation of Gamescom Latam corresponds to the recognition by the world’s largest gaming companies of Brazil and Latin America as central territories.

“It is also an important alignment between two events that already had the same nature: for both gamescom and BIG Festival, celebrating the world of games and gaming communities by showing the newest releases, the best games and so much more to fans.

“It is for this reason that BIG Festival will continue to exist as one of the areas within gamescom latam, attracting the best independent games from around the world as we have been doing since 2012, but now within a platform with much expanded visibility.”

Gamescom Asia 2023 welcomed public visitors for the first time this year, and now with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the restrictions of movement that comes along with it, has subsided, Gamescom can now truly expand worldwide.

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