Gamers, how can we change our parents’ minds? – KBCSensei speaks

Dreams change, even in the colourful world of gaming – and when reality hits, sometimes there is no other choice but to give up on a dream. The burning question is: Can we as gamers do something to change that?

Meet Kenneth “KBCSensei” Khoo, an avid gamer, content creator, eSports shoutcaster/marshal/event manager/player – who also just tells us to call him the “Jack of All Trades”. KBCSensei started out making NBA 2K video tutorials and tips, which gave him the title of “tutor” – later incorporated into his nickname as “Sensei”, alongside his real name’s initials. With “Live By the Game, Die By the Game” as his tagline, KBCSensei is also currently partnered with Mindwipe, a tech enthusiast group in Malaysia that is active in tech reviews and gaming.

“I started gaming way back when I was a small boy,” he related. “My dad was a programmer and so, being surrounded by computers, it was fated that I am able to bond with computer games with my entire life.” His interest in online gaming increased when his cousin became an avid Counter-Strike gamer and an eSports athlete (before the hype) for Counter-Strike Source in Malaysia.

Probably inspired by this, his initial plans were to be a professional eSports athlete and to turn gaming into a living. “Unfortunately, resources such as internet speed and computer gears, time as a student, commitments with studies and real life responsibilities all combined to dampen any of my hopes to become one,” he admitted. “Nonetheless, I participated in many types of gaming tournaments such as Sudden Attack and DOTA. My best and proudest achievement was representing my university, Sunway University, and getting 2nd place in the GamesAxis Versus 2013 Inter-Uni DOTA Tournament.”

KBCSensei spotted at a gaming event in 2015

However, like many other gamers who grow up to be working adults, time continues to be an ever-present constraint for him to participate in tournaments. “After graduating and getting a job, I find myself getting less time to train now despite the rise of eSports in our country,” he said. “Therefore, in order to get updated and do something for games/eSports, I channeled my time and energy into different roles within the industry.” He has since worked in Marshalling, which has kept him updated with the eSports scene. Due to his stable job also (in the education scene, hence his “Sensei” title is apt, he says laughingly), he has managed to get a decent gaming rig that enabled him to begin game streaming and Youtubing.

KBCSensei streaming Rainbow Six Siege on Facebook recently
KBCSensei streaming Rainbow Six Siege on Facebook recently

Apart from time constraints, however, he stresses the awareness and mindset of the nation as being one of the biggest obstacles for gamers currently. “People are still thinking that gaming is a cause for social illness and it’s not a career path to take. With this mindset, it’s really hard to get support and good publicity around the nation especially with parents or family, since they will not support gaming for their kids.”

When quizzed further, he noted that this impression might be because some gamers themselves could be addicted to gaming if they have no proper self control. “Honestly, everything without self control will lead to addiction,” he said, citing drug abuse, alcohol and food intake. “Too much of it is bad. However, with proper education and awareness, we can curb gaming addiction and it will help change the perspective of being a social illness to a beneficial hobby.”


That said, he firmly believes that computer gaming or eSports is still way beneficial and safer than gambling, smoking or drinking.

He has this to say for small-time gamers who want to try and change the situation: “We have to turn ourselves into a good role model to them and practice decent behavior when gaming – that is, try not to be too toxic in games! When the public watches what we do and notices how positive we actually are, we can definitely change these perspectives in their minds.”

“We have to turn ourselves into a good role model to them and practice decent behavior when gaming – that is, try not to be too toxic in games! When the public watches what we do and notices how positive we actually are, we can definitely change these perspectives in their minds.”

He adds that brand involvement is also no less important to help change mindsets, naming RedBull Gaming as a brand that has caused many people to be “amazed and curious on why such a big energy drink brand would sponsor gaming brands.”

Lastly, what if you’re a gamer who wants to get started in eSports or content creation? KBCSensei has additional advice in this respect, telling players to get involved first with the eSports industry – be it in playing, marshalling, event organizing, or even shoutcasting. “Opportunities are aplenty and if an Average Joe who isn’t very popular like me can experience and capture all these moments, so can you!” he says laughingly.  He also adds that his interest in Youtube and gaming channels came about due to his belief that knowledge is meant to be shared, and giving back to the community is a must.

“No doubt it’s going to take lots of time and effort – from video editing, cropping of audio and gameplay snippets and more. If you are starting up, always remember that if you put a lot of effort into it and learn, you can achieve anything!”

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