FV Cup 2017 Announced, The Premier Fighting Game Tournament In Malaysia Just Got Bigger

The Malaysian FGC is on a roll. With the recent announcement of Astro’s eGG Network sponsoring Team Flash Vision, housing the best Malaysian Street Fighter V players, now we have the date for the next Flash Vision (FV) Cup. The yearly event has mostly been focused for Street Fighter due to its status as a Ranking Event under the Capcom Pro Tour. This year it will remain holding that status, but it is also adding other fighting games to the mix.

FV Cup 2017 will commence on the 23rd-25th of September at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

These games will all have their own tournaments:

Interestingly, the mainstage will feature a setup similar to Red Bull Kumite- players will be seated in an octagon ring ala an MMA ring. Sounds like a decent setup for a fighting game tourney. The venue choice is an interesting pick as well.

Last year we saw Sako taking the win, with the local boys doing their best with some amazing fights. A few even managed to reach Top 16.

Aside from Tekken 7, all the games listed should be available for everyone participate. Details on how to enter will be available soon.

UPDATE 7/3/17: All tournaments can be registered here. Spectators who wish to join in live should also register as well.

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