FV Cup 2016: Hori | Sako Takes The Win

The Flash Vision Cup 2016, held in conjunction with MSI’s Masters Gaming Arena at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, is the last ranking event in Capcom Pro Tour for Asia. Being the last destination to secure some points, with the winner getting a spot in the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals, many world warriors across the globe headed down to challenge the many local players participating. Hong Kong’s TSE4444 could gain a spot in the Capcom Cup if he wins this, while previous FV Cup champion RB|Bonchan is looking to defend his title. So is GGP|Kazunoko, Capcom Cup 2015 champion, who has yet to confirm a spot for either the regional finals nor directly to Capcom Cup.

The local boys are in full force attending this event, with almost 80 players, including the international pros participating. Five of them managed to reach top 16, with and another five players reached the loser’s finals but were defeated there. VS FV| Endy was the sole Malaysian to reach the top 16 via winners’ bracket, with Nekoxx, Desangel213, VS FV|Shaun and surprisingly, VS FV|Chuan made it out from losers.

There was plenty of showcase matches being played, especially by the local players. Shaun’s Juri managed to wow the crowd again despite the character being deemed low-tier. Desangel213’s performance with Urien gave Kazunoko a run for his money. Despite only winning one round, he proceeded to blaze through the loser’s bracket with dominance. Our best Necalli player managed to make some grounds as well, reaching the loser’s finals before losing to TSE4444. His performance, as well as his on-screen tag (Nigher. The G is silent) certainly caught the attention of Twitch chat over on the official stream of FV Cup 2016.

Unfortunately, the dream for these Malaysians to conquer top 8 ended abruptly, as every single Malaysian player lost their matches in the top 16, held in next day. This instantly knocked out all of the players in the losers’ brackets. Endy didn’t have a good run as well, being dominated by Kazunoko’s Cammy and then lost Singapore’s Seed^SKZ. Only international players in the top 8.

The top 8 is full of surprises too. America, now Vietnamese player Marn managed to reach top 8 by beating Seed^SKZ, but lost to Yukadon, an opponent he had trouble with in the pools before. Kazunoko and Hori|Sako reached the winners’ finals, with Sako’s Chun-Li coming out on top. TSE4444’s run was cut short after succumbing to Bonchan, though he later got eliminated by Huomau| Humanbomb, the other Hong Kong Chun-Li player still standing. He reached the loser’s finals by taking down Yukadon, but Kazunoko’s Cammy is too good for him.

Top 3 winners walked away with ViewSonic monitors and those sweet pair of Ray-Bans

The grand finals went on to a reset, playing all 5 sets. Eventually the legendary master of execution and combos emerge victorious, as Sako took a straight 3 set win, securing his first ranking win. He managed to qualify for the CPT EU Regional Finals by taking the win but only reaching 9th in the main event (BST| Daigo Umehara emerged victorious there, and got the ticket to Capcom Cup). The win at FV Cup 2016 means Sako has another shot to get the placing for Capcom Cup via the CPT Regional Finals Asia, though he also has enough points to secure a spot on the global leaderboards to reach there as well.

Congratulations to all the winners, and the Malaysian FGC for organising FV Cup 2016. While it has its problems, most of them are technical difficulties on the stream, but the feedback from the international players seemed they enjoyed the Malaysian hospitality the community provided. Marn spent a good 10 minutes on stream talking about the good food he was introduced during his stay here, so that’s something good to hear.

Group shot of the FV Cup 2016 participants alongside the Malaysian FGC

Here are the top 16 results for FV Cup 2016:

1. Hori|Sako (Chun-Li)
2. GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy)
3. HuomaoTV|HumanBomb (Chun-Li)
4. YouDeal|Yukadon (Nash)
5. RB|Bonchan (Nash)
5. EQ|Marn (R. Mika)
7. Tse4444 (Chun-Li)
7. Seed^SKZ (Cammy)

9. RZR|Gackt (Nash)
9. OilKing (Rashid)
9. VS FV|Endy (F.A.N.G)
9. VanillaLollipop (Vega)
13. VS FV|Chuan (Guile)
13. Desangel213 (Urien)
13. NekoXX (Cammy)
13. VS FV|Shaun (Juri)

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