Full Metal Furies Is An Indie Side-Scrolling Brawler With RPG Classes

In a typical brawler game, say the Double Dragon series, it’s all about mashing the many goons as they come, with little tactical thinking required even if played with a friend. But Cellar Door’s next game wants to change that.

Full Metal Furies incorporates classes into the brawler. Each four hero has specific moves and counters specific enemies, so a bit of thinking is required to take down the many goons you will be facing. Two of the classes carries a gun. Some enemies has barriers where specific classes are better at taking it down, for example.

The importance of combo-ing the heroes’ abilities is also apparent if you play the game solo, where you get to pick two of them and can switch between them on the fly. The game supports online and local co-op up to 4 players.

While the action looks as frantic as a side-scrolling brawler should, expect some RPG elements, loot and better camera angles. In the announcement post they are promising no fights will occur on the edge of the screen where you barely see who you are punching- a normal occurrence in typical brawlers.

This certainly don’t look like your typical brawler. Cellar Door’s first game, Rogue Legacy, was an interesting take on a rougelike Metroidvania. Will this do the same for brawlers?

Full Metal Furies is available sometime this year on PC and Xbox One, with Xbox Play Anywhere support.

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