Frog Fractions Now On Steam For Free, Remastered For 4K

Frog Fractions, the web game that was totally about a frog eating insects while teaching you maths, is now available on Steam.

Frog Fractions Game Of The Decade Edition includes the same game you know and love, now remastered for 4K resolution. Eat bugs, get upgrades and don’t forget to look what’s under the lake.

The game, like the original, is all free. But if you like, there’s the “Hop Iconic Cap” DLC that adds a hat for the frog. So you can eat insects in style.

You can grab the game here. If you haven’t seen the game or played to completion, enjoy the wild ride of expectations being thrown out, which is the actual appeal of the game.

The game was popular enough that it inspired a Kickstarter campaign for Frog Fractions 2, which is also out now.

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