Frog Fractions Hat DLC Updated With 100+ New Secrets

Frog Fractions, the classic Flash game now available on Steam, includes a peculiar DLC- Hop’s Iconic Cap. The DLC is touted as adding a new iconic hat to the frog you play as, but for those familiar with the Frog Fractions Cinematic Universe, there’s always more to it.

For those that had bought it, the DLC has been updated with 100+ new secrets to be discovered. There’s also 30 new Steam achievements, 20 of which requires the DLC. See? There’s something going on.

And you should totally look at the achievement name and images to figure out what exactly these secrets are.

In addition, Frog Fractions’ Hop’s Iconic Hat DLC and Glittermitten Grove are now on sale for RM25.55. If you want an experience that’s more than meets the eye, but also learn about fractions, do check it out. That’s all we have to say.

via PC Gamer

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