Freedom Fighters Is Back With A Re-Release On PC

IO Interactive are known for the Hitman series, but they’ve made normal third-person shooters too. And there’s another series aside from Kane & Lynch.

Freedom Fighters is getting a PC re-release. The 2003 shooter has you lead a resistance in New York fighting against the Soviet army that invaded America. It’s a decent shooter for its time, with AI squad mechanics and a fantastic score by Jesper Kyd.

IO still owns the Freedom Fighters IP, and now they are making use of it with a PC re-release.

Freedom Fighters is out now (or soon- check the times of release here) on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. The first week includes a 33% discount on all platforms.

UPDATE 22/09/20: The release of Freedom Fighters on the Epic Games Store is delayed to “later this week” due to technical issues.

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