Free-To-Play Shooter Warframe Goes Slightly Open World With Plains Of Eidolon Update

Free-to-play shooter Warframe has been seeing success over its three year lifespan, boasting over 26 million registered players with a record of up to 60,000 players concurrently playing this year. The third-person shooter have many similarities to Destiny where the focus is getting new loot by playing PvP and PvE, with PvE taking place in procedural generated environments.

With the new Plains of Eidolon, Warframe will now add persistent environments, called Landscapes, which is an open world. This makes Warframe more closer to a traditional MMO.

The first Landscape is a town named Cetus, built around a sandy environment. Up to 50 players can share this space and go about town looking for quests and merchants, while venturing outside of town will enter you into another instance with persistent environments this time. This is where it becomes an open world.

This is one major content to the current game, which is impressive considering it will available for free. The current version of procedural generated environments will remain available and should the new Landscape be well received by fans, developers Digital Extremes will no doubt add more Landscapes in the future.

The update Plains of Eidolons update should arrive sometime later this year for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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