Free-To-Play Ship Battler Gets New Publisher, New Maps And PvE Mode Coming Soon

Maelstrom is a free-to-play naval combat game where you sail ships and blow up other ships. Developer Gunpowder Games has signed a new deal to partner with Forthright Entertainment as publisher.

Maelstrom is free, but it has a few paid DLC packs (simply titled “Wraith” and “Dread”) as part of the “Season Of The Undead”. These adds new ships that have not only ghostly aesthetics- a new Undead race to add to the main three of Dwarf, Human and Orc ships, but new game mechanics with their toolkit.

But coming soon are also more content. Expect to see a PvE co-op mode, which is new to the game that’s only covered PvP ship battles. More maps are underway too. In addition, Maelstrom will now have season passes (i.e. battle passes) where you get to earn more unlockables as you play more and make progress.

Looks like, with a new publisher, Maelstrom is setting its sails in a good direction. The game is free-to-play and available now on Steam.

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