Free-To-Play Mech FPS Hawken Is Coming Back As Hawken Reborn

Here’s a nice surprise. Hawken, the free-to-play mech FPS that shut down in 2018 is making a comeback as Hawken Reborn.

505 Games is publishing and developing Hawken Reborn, which will be released on Steam Early Access first, and is now a PVE, not PVP, game. It will still be a free-to-play game.

Hawken was developed by Adhesive Games and published on PC by Meteor Entertainment, both are now defunct. 505 Games did publish the console releases for Hawken, which is probably why they now have the rights to the IP.

From the looks of the new trailer and screenshots, this should remind players of the original Hawken. You are still piloting mechs, not mechas like those in Armored Core. But these mechs are nimbler and – if it kept it from the original release- more straightforward to control unlike the mechs in MechWarrior- no tank controls.

The first arc of the story will see six opening missions available in Hawken Reborn. Expect to see more of the planet Illal as you partake in various missions in an open world.

The Early Access release on PC is.. two days away. It will go live on May 17 on Steam.

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