Free Game Alert! Xenonauts Free On GOG To Commemorate Start Of Summer Sales

Xenonauts is available for free on GOG. Just go to this link here, sign in and click ‘get it here’. An email will be sent that will confirm the game being added to your GOG library.

Xenonauts is a turn-based strategy game made in response to the first XCOM reboot announcement by 2K, the one that was going to be an FPS and featured goopy blops, a far cry from the original X-COM series fans associated with. The game was then released as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, released after the seminal XCOM Enemy Unknown- which is more faithful albeit streamlined take on the original X-COM.

(Coincidentally, XCOM 2 will be free on PS4 for active PS4 subscribers in June)

Xenonauts follows the original UFO Enemy Unknown/ X-COM game with a very punishing difficulty, tense turn-based battles where dice rolls matters and resource management as you plan to research and maintain your home base.

It’s pretty much in the lines of the original, harsh X-COM but in a more presentable form for today. Developers Goldhawk Interactive are now working on a follow-up, Xenonauts 2.

The giveaway of Xenonauts mark the start of GOG’s Summer Sales, with various games available on discount from the platform. By purchasing more than $5 USD worth of games will net you a free copy of Sunless Sea and spending more than $20 USD and Rime will be added to your library for free as well, pretty good deals.

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