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Free Game Alert! Shadowrun Returns Is Free For A Limited Time On Humble Store


Harebrained Schemes’ first Kickstarter success and a very good cRPG Shadowrun Returns is now free on the Humble Store. All you need to do is click here, login, add to cart and then claim the Steam key which will be given to your email.

Before making Battletech (which led to an acquisition by publishers Paradox Interactive), Harebrained Schemes made its mark with another FASA IP, the Cyberpunk-meets-fantasy Shadowrun. In this world, fantasy creatures- elves, trolls, dwarves,- and magic are melded with futuristic cybernetics, making it a one-of-a-kind world. Shadowrun Returns takes the IP to its RPG roots (Microsoft once turned the IP into a cross-platform FPS). It was successful enough to warrant another Kickstarter-backed campaign, Shadowrun Hong Kong, built on the same engine but offers an entirely new campaign.

While the game is also on sale on Steam thanks to the Steam Summer Sales, why not get it for free while it lasts?