Free Game Alert! Mirage: Arcane Warfare Is Free To Keep For Today Only

You read that right. A relatively new game is now free for you to keep forever, as long as you redeem it by today. Multiplayer melee brawler Mirage: Arcane Warfare is free for you to claim, but only for today.

Grab it on Steam at this link here.

If you might remember, a similar game by the title of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was recently being offered for free. It’s from the same developers- Torn Banner Studios. The prior deal was to promote Mirage as it got closer to release.

But now that game is being offered for free. So that could only mean one thing.

“Mirage launch sales were poor. That sucked, and we know it,” reads the statement announcing this deal. “Our company’s doing fine, and we’ll be able to continue to make awesome games in the future. ”

The game being free isn’t a desperation move however, but to provide existing players a better experience. It is a multiplayer-only game after all, and the fun comes with playing with other players and stabbing each others’ faces. “We just want people to play the game we spent years making.”

It’s a bold move, but hopefully it will inject some life to Mirage’s playerbase for at least a week or two.

If you did not read this article on the day it was published, fret not as the game will receive a permanent price drop to $9.99 USD (which usually translates to RM38 on Steam).

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