Free Game Alert! Hacknet Deluxe Is Free For A Limited Time On The Humble Store

Hack the planet

Wer’re in! Hacknet, the hacking simulator that involves the know-how of actual UNIX commands, is now free on Humble Store. If you’ve been following our free game alerts, you know the drill. Go to this link here, sign in, click get it for free and then checkout. You will receive an email with the Steam key shortly after.

Hacknet delivers a riveting plot about the underground network of hackers while having you to learn how to write commands that’s applicable outside of the game. It’s all delivered within an immersive world. Should you be creative and opportunist, maybe you can get more than what’s being presented, if you can bypass all the security measures.

If you like the idea of hacking and either have experience with terminal operations or willing to learn it, this should be a fun ride.

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