Free Game Alert! GRID Is Free On The Humble Store For One Day Only

Code Red! Code Red! Codemaster’s classic tarmac racer GRID is free for a limited time of one day, available on the Humble Store. Go get it now!

Here is the link. Claim it by selecting “Get It Free” then check out. You will be given a link to where you will get the Steam key immediately after- you can visit it later as the link is also given in an email.

With the launch of the last-gen consoles, Codies entered with the new EGO engine and relaunched its two previous series into a new branding of sorts. The Colin McRae Rally series recieved the subtitle Dirt, while the Race Driver series (which was spun from the TOCA touring car series) received the subtitle GRID. Both these subtitles are now used as the main title for each game.

GRID has its strongest points in its single player progression. While the idea of racing multiple discplines has been running for a long while, the framing device is interesting. You are a team owner slash racer. You get to buy cars for different disciplines of racers. You need to search for a teammate and work together (or not). There’s a world ranking leaderboards stacking you up against the top AI drivers. Each season has a specific length, and each one closes with a Le Mans endurance race which you could decide to participate or not. It’s basically gives you the fantasy of climbing up the ranks in the motorsports world which no other game tried to do.

The sequel, GRID 2, was panned not only for the more casual approach to racing, it removes this kind of progression for a rather boring one- collecting fans to proceed. GRID Autosport redeemed back the shallowness of GRID 2 by offering more racing disciplines, and bringing back features that are less used but matters a lot to the hardcore fans, like cockpit view.

While there is no multiplayer support now, GRID’s single-player experience is something worth experiencing. The graphics might be a bit dated- it’s a 2008 release- but that means lower specced PC can run this as smooth as butter.

In case you missed the offer (bummer), Steam is having a sale until January 3. You should be able to get this pretty cheap.


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