Free Game Alert! Get Three Campaigns Of Co-Op Shooter Raiders Of The Broken Planet For Free For A Limited Time

MercurySteam’s co-op shooter with an asymetrical slant Raider Of The Broken Planet sure is an interesting, if not weird, game. It’s a 4V1 third-person shooter with class loadouts and one player will play as the Antagonist facing of the group of four Raiders setting out to complete objectives.

It’s been for a year now since the game went open beta and to celebrate the anniversary, it’s giving out the game for free. The three seperate campaigns, Alien Myths, Wardog Fury and Hades Betryal are available for keeps on Steam. Just claim it from this page here and it will be available in your library forever.

MercurySteam have a spotty history with their output- they made Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 1 & 2 and Mirror Of Fate, plus the recent 3DS remake of Metroid II with Metroid: Samus Returns. But it’s always interesting to see them keep working hard to make games. Raiders Of The Broken Planet is their own original IP, and is still in active development.


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