Free Game Alert! Dirt Showdown Is Free On PC

Another Codemasters game being given away for free. This time it’s the arcadey Dirt Showdown. It’s the oddest game in the series since it has more in common with Destruction Derby rather than its series counterparts.

But still, for the price of free, what else is there to complain? It’s a fun title that showcases Codies’ damage model to its full. Plus it should have multiplayer still working so playing with friends in a casual game like this should be fun.

It’s free on the Humble Store right now. Just add to the cart, check out and redeem the keys on Steam. No money needed at all. But the offer is on limited time so just grab it now while it lasts.

We hope that this does not mean that Dirt Showdown will join Dirt 3 and Grid to be delisted on Steam any time soon.

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