Free Fire Max Is A Separate New Client With Enhanced Audio, Graphics And A Map Editor, Now Available In Malaysia

There’s a new client for the mobile battle royale game Free Fire. Free Fire Max is essentially the same game, but with enhanced audio, graphics as well as a map editor.

You can expect to see changes to animations (including reworked reload animations), new sound effects for guns, more bullet hole and tracer effects, and more realistic maps.

All of the new improved visuals and audio are only cosmetic changes. Again, Free Fire Max is more of a souped-up Free Fire client for more powerful mobile devices, and won’t give any extra advantage against Free Fire players.

Players on Free Fire and Free Fire Max still play together in the same pool (cross-play), and you can carry over progression between the two games as long as you’re using the same account (cross-save, though the Free Fire devs call this feature with their own specific name, Firelink).

There is one extra feature on Free Fire Max, which is a map editor called Craftland. Players can create their own map, including plopping objects, buildings and structures and later share it with friends. If you fancy doing weird custom room matches, this mode is for you.

While Free Fire players don’t get the map editor, they can still play on the maps created in Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max is now available in Malaysia and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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