Free Fire Is Having A Street Fighter V Collab Event

More games just want to give Ryu a gun it seems. Garena’s mobile battle royale game Free Fire is currently running a limited-time event, featuring Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter V.

The new Free Fighter event, available globally, lets players dress in Ryu and Chun-Li’s trademark outfits, and get various item reskins. Also, the Hadouken, Ryu’s signature fireball move, will also be available for players to perform as an emote.

The new Street Fighter V outfits will be available starting July 9.

In addition, a streamer showcase event featuring content creators from Malaysia and the Philippines, the “Free Fighter Face-Off” will be live on July 9, 10 PM.

These will feature various collab-specific challenges to see which team of content creators, Team Ryu or Team Chun-Li, emerges champions. Players may even get to join a custom room and play during the stream, with a chance to win a Steam copy of Street Fighter V.

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