Forza Motorsport 7 Getting Delisted September 15

As great as the Forza series is, it is infamous for having a limited shelf life. And it looks like it’s Forza Motorsport 7’s turn to “reach End of Life status”.

What this means is that Forza Motorsport 7 and its DLCs will no longer be sold after the date. It will be removed from Xbox Game Pass as well.

Essentially, it’s getting delisted.

Should you still own Forza Motorsport 7, physically or digitally, after the date, you should still be able to play it. Online servers and multiplayer will still be live. It’s just that no new players can get in unless they can track a physical disc.

Esports programs will still be able to continue despite the delisting.

For those on Xbox Game Pass that bought the game’s DLCs, you will be reward with a token that entitles you to Forza Motorsport 7- so you can still play the game and use the DLC you paid for. It will be distributed via the Xbox Message Center starting August 2.

For one reason or another, Forza games are bound to be delisted. As spotted by GTPlanet, this is due to licences for real-world cars, tracks “and other elements” expiring, as explained by a tweet from the Forza Motorsport Twitter:

There’s a new Forza Motorsport game coming, but not anytime soon. So there will be a gap in time where Xbox players cannot buy a racing sim from Xbox Game Studios.

There is another Forza game coming this year. The open-world racer Forza Horizon 5 is set to hit the streets this November.

Source: Forza

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