Forza Horizon Dev To Open 2nd Studio

Developer of the highly successful Forza Horizon series, Playground Games, plans to open a second studio in Leamington Spa, UK, according to an article by

The Studio says that the new office will house a second team working on a brand new game which has been confirmed to be an open-world game and not a racing game.

But this do not mean that they are shying away from the series that bought them success as Ralph Fulton, Creative Director and Founder, says that their business with Forza over the last seven years has been great for them and they are not running away from the series and instead want to keep developing their skill set and push new boundaries, all the while minimizing the number of people who are having to manage development on both the next installment of Horizon and the untitled open world game.

Curiously enough, Playground Games’s new studio is located near to another highly acclaimed developer in the form of Codemasters Studios. But that’s probably a coincidence.

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