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E3 2018: Race And Buy Houses In Forza Horizon 4

This open world series has just gotten bigger.


Forza Horizon 4 was unveiled today during the Xbox E3 Press Conference (but without a car being driven and/or lifted in) and judging by their press release, this could be the biggest Horizon game to date. Setting in the lush roads of Britain, the game will feature dynamic seasons which impacts the game directly like road conditions changing within each weather and transforming the terrain into something else.

But these points highlighted are the more interesting part of this year’s Forza.

thanks to @AngleatRedline for this find!


The game will include customizable characters and the ability to own property like houses. Basically, Playground Game has declared war with Ivory Tower’s The Crew 2 with the level of customization.

And it won’t be long till we get it too, as the game is stated to release early for Ultimate Edition owners on Septemeber 28 with a car pack included!  Forza isn’t messing around this time.and it will be available for Xbox One (enhanced 4k UHD for the Xbox One X) and Windows 10 PCs later in September.