Forza Horizon 3’s Next Expansion Could Be Something Snowy

Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Tease

Forza Horizon 3, the open-world, less sim cousin of Forza Motorsport was released last month. Taking place in the down under, players got to rip the streets, the highways or go off-road in a stylised version of Australia featuring a good selection of cars. The Xbox One version seems to be a hit, while the Windows 10-exclusive PC version still has some rough edges in terms of performance. While updates start to come it is customary for a Forza game developer, in this instance Playground Games, to start selling car DLCs.

But at the end of one of the announcements of the latest car DLC pack, the Alpinestars Car Pack, a tease for a new expansion was given with a picture of a Lamborghini in snow. Snow? In Australia? It would be interesting to see how this will be implemented, whether they go bonkers and make dynamic weather or do it the safe way by just expanding the map a bit to include snow terrain. Most likely the latter.

This is only a tease, and we don’t know when will it drop. Probably in time for winter (in the northern hemisphere) perhaps?

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