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Forza Horizon 3 Demo For PC Finally Available


Forza Horizon 3 has already a demo out on the Xbox One for sometime, but the PC version of the demo finally arrives in the Windows Store. If you’re looking to try out the game and see if your rig can handle it, this 20GB download is worth a download.

The demo provides a good early chunk of the game to try out, progression stops after unlocking your next Horizon event location and you cannot access the garage to buy and customise cars, as well as a limited portion of the open-world map. But it should give you about 1-2 hours of content to see if the game is worth a purchase. Plus, online features are available to try out as well.

To get the demo, head down to this link. It’s available through Windows Store, so only Windows 10 can get this. Sure, the Windows Store has its issues, like how games from the store cannot play with those on other platforms on PC like Steam, as the case of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

For a demo, what it provides is more than one would expect. Hats off to Playground Games for taking the effort on making one. Progress seems to save and may be carried over to the full game should you proceed to buy Forza Horizon 3 (the demo will remind you that you can buy it straight away if you like what you’ve been playing).