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Formula 1 Is Creating A Esports Series


Rev up those engine as Formula 1 is set to create a eSports Championship for anyone fast enough to compete in their game until the end.

The Formula 1 eSports Series will start this September to coincide with the launch of F1 2017, with a qualification system running through the month to determine the 40 quickest drivers. Those drivers are then bought to the live semifinals in London on October to determine the top 20 drivers,who will travel to Abu Dhabi in the final race of the real life F1 season for the championship’s finale in November,where a driver will be crowned  “F1 eSports World Champion“.

This is the sport’s first attempt to connect with the fans,which was probably came to life following McLaren’s World Fastest Gamer competition getting good reception earlier in the year but it’s really good to see more premier sports taking a dip into the eSports craze. And with a partnership between Formula 1, game developer Codemasters, and eSports specialists Gfinity, rest assure that the proceedings will go smooth until the finale.

Who knows,maybe the virtual drivers of today will become real F1 Champions in the future?

But what do you guys think? let us know in the comments down below!