Forbidden Ninja Scroll Blends VR With ASMR In This Ninja Training Title

The Japanese market has been booming with VR titles recently thanks to the current rise of popularity of the easily wearable headsets like the Meta Quest or HTC Vive.

It’s this sort of markets where we see developers like Portalgraph trying out the platform for their latest title, a VR Adventure game where you get to interact with Kunoichi, or female ninjas. And this will include both VR and Haptic Simulation, which judging by the trailer below is rather interesting, to say the least.

And recently, their publisher have showcase the voice cast recording ASMR lines for the game, and even showcase the game’s theme song that’s influence by the Japanese rock and rave scene. An interesting mix of genre, that’s for sure.

While there is no release date for the VR game yet, you can download a public demo which is hosted at ImagineVR, their publisher’s website, and while you are at it,why not also support their Patreon as well, where you get to see them work on the game and support the game during it’s development.

Forbidden Ninja Scroll is releasing for PC, Meta Quest and HTC Vive soon.

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