For Honor Gets “Open Beta” On February 9-12, Season Pass Detailed

Missed the closed beta? Don’t worry warriors, as everyone can join in the fight as For Honor will have an open beta on February 9 until February 12 with a new game mode: 4v4 Elimination (no respawns). That’s pretty close to the launch date which is on February 14, so the “open beta” is more likely a demo of the launch game that will be released in a matter of days afterwards. So it’s probably just an open beta in name only (hence the quote marks). We have seen this happened before with Ubisoft’s other game, Rainbow Six: Siege.

Speaking of Rainbow Six: Siege, it looks like For Honor will follow the business model of its slowly-but-surely successful multiplayer FPS. We have known that For Honor has seasons in play, tied to the War Of Factions metagame. Each season (three months) promises new content in the form of two heroes, two maps as well as gear and game modes added.

If you buy the Season Pass, you will get access to new heroes one week earlier as well as special scavenger packs (blind boxes for new gear). All maps and game modes are free for everyone, but unlocking gear and heroes use the in-game currency, which you will get a lot if you spend the time playing the game.

Tournaments and ranked matches are coming post-launch as well. Ubisoft certainly sticks to their word on making non-compulsory DLCs.

All the details of the season pass are explained below:

Our closed beta impressions saw potential for the game, despite some rough edges from the main 4v4 Dominion mode which may be too daunting and complicated at first. It’s surely an acquired taste, so if you’re curious, go and try out when the open beta launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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