Football Manager 2019 Out On November 2nd, Ditching “Manager Man” Cover

An end of an era indeed

Since the start of the Football Manager series, the cover or mainline image of the game and logo follows a similar format. A picture of a manager with the top part of his head off view and a very standardised logo. Earlier today, the Football Manager Twitter account reacted to Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson tweet, in which he said “an end of an era”, followed by a collage of the many FM covers of years past.

Now we know why with the announcement of Football Manager 2019. The game has already a release date and a trailer, but no gameplay breakdown yet. Instead, the new trailer is dedicated to say goodbye to “Manager Man”. The leading image of this year’s game will not feature him and the series logo has now been redesigned. Instead, it will feature an image from the manager’s point of view of the pitch, which explains the trailer shot entirely in the first-person.

An end of an era indeed.

Details of the game will be start to be revealed in September.

Football Manager 2019 will be out on November 2nd for the PC via Steam.

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