Foamstars Invites PlayStation Players To The Open Beta Party

Square Enix cordially invites PlayStation players to the Foamstars “Open Beta Party” at the September 2023 State Of Play broadcast.

The Open Beta for the upcoming team-shooter will take place on the weekend of September 30 (10 AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT) to October 2 (3.59 PM Malaysia Time. No pre-orders required, anyone can just go to the Foamstars page on the PlayStation Store and download the beta when it’s available (it’s not yet available to download at the time of writing).

Foamstars Open Beta Party will see two different 4v4 game modes and the choice of eight different characters with specific weapons and skills.

The game modes are:

  • Smash The Star
    • Get seven KOs, then KO the “Star Player” (the best performing player on the opposing team) to win.
  • Happy Bath Survival
    • Teams split into two players in the infield and two on the outfield. Defeat the two infield players on the opposing team while outfield players provide support and defence for teammates in the infield.

The eight playable characters, all with charming names, are:

  • Soa
  • Agito
  • Tonix
  • Jet Justice
  • Mel T
  • The Baristador
  • Rave Breaker
  • Pen Gwyn

It’s easy to compare Foamstars with Nintendo’s Splatoon as both are unconventional shooters where shots colour the battlefield. But Foamstars has their own spin to that style of shooter thanks to the foam as that brings in a different way of traversal as well as some construction mechanic.

Square Enix also revealed the team behind the music and character art behind Foamstars. In-game music is composed by MONACA, a music production company founded by Keiichi Okabe (Nier, Sinoalice and more).

The character art team is created by Guruhiru, a freelance illustrator unit consists of artist Sasaki and colorist Kawano. They specialise in creating western-style drawings where their previous work includes comics like “It’s Jeff”, “Gwenpool”, and “Superman Smashes the Klan”. That should explain the western-vibe designs of the characters in Foamstars, but they are indeed designed by folks hailing from Hokaido, Japan.

Foamstars is releasing in early 2024 for PS4 and PS5.

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