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Fnatic Announces New Dota 2 Team Roster


After Dota 2’s The International wraps up every year, it’s commonplace to see major roster shifts and changes to each team. This year is no different. While achieving a fantastic performance this year at The International, Fnatic’s Dota 2 team, comprises of Malaysians and a Filipino, three of them decided to part ways.

Replacing DJ, 343 and MidOne are Demon, eyyou and Raven, all previously of TNC Gaming, that also participated in The Internationals this year but was held off by eventual runners-up Digital Chaos, who also beat Fnatic on their way there. The trio will join team captain Mushi and Ohaiyo as a South East Asian team, with two Malaysians, two Filipinos and an American under one banner.

Astro’s gaming channel eGG has also recently signed with Fnatic as a partner.

The new Fnatic lineup will debut at the Mineski Pro Gaming League, part of the Selangor Cyber Games taking place this weekend: 9-11 September. The event will showcase all the new lineups of the Dota 2 pro teams, including Team Mineski X and it would be interesting to see these new team lineups fare.

Best of luck to the new roster of Fnatic. Good luck, have fun.