Fnatic Signs New Overwatch Team

Fnatic is a common team name in the e-sports scene in our parts of the world, notable for them having our local boys in their Dota 2 team. But like any major e-sports teams, they have a team or players for a variety of other games and is now has just signed a new team for Overwatch.

The new team that will now be known as Fnatic is Nubris, an up and coming team consist of US and Sweden-based players. Some members of the team were part of team Hubris which has disbanded during the beta state of Overwatch. Notable players include iddqd, a terrifyingly accurate DPS who is a menace behind a Widow or McCree, Vonethil,  a solid flex support mostly seen as Lucio and CoolMatt69, who, despite the chuckle worth of a name, is a strong DPS player who is now playing flex, making good rounds as Reaper lately. Together with suport Custa, tanker Stoop, and main DPS Buds, the team will maintain its base in North America despite Fnatic’s being based in Europe.

Nubris has been a consistent team giving the big guns in the US like EnVyUs and Cloud9 a run of its money. Recently they won the Gosugamers Weekly 16 against 1Shot. Now with a sponsor, the talent here have more room to shine. Video of their grand finals match is below:

This is not the first team Fnatic has in Overwatch. Their first team came from the Battlefield 4 players switching to Overwatch, then later went independent in the form of Reunited. Recently one of their players left (and formed a team called.. Weunited) and recruited a new member by scouting through stats-tracking sites like MasterOverwatch.

Congratulations to Nubris, but like all the pro teams who used to have silly names before signing a sponsor, your name will be missed.

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